project overview

From Stickers to Website Redesigns - My Time at Viant

Viant is an advertising technology company allowing marketers to create, execute and measure their advertising campaigns beyond the use of third-party cookies.

As an in-house designer, I was lead on all Brand and Growth Marketing collateral for internal and external promotions, including but not limited to, digital banner ads, email design and development, social media post designs, web design, video post-production and motion graphics.

Social Media

Periodic organic and sponsored posts crafted to push awareness to current holidays, upcoming events, campaigns, and company news / updates. 

Website Design

Conceptial mockup for a Viant site redesign combining the corporate and software websites into one cohesive destination.


Concept to real-life execution of designs  used, from  in-office decor to venue takeovers


Merch crafted for employees, events and client gifts


Layout and design whitepaper on a quarterly cadence, each with varying lengths and topics.

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